Office of Equity and Integration

Stillwater Area Public Schools is one of ten member school districts that comprise the East Metro Integration District 6067 (EMID).

This collaborative, involving St. Paul and nine suburban school districts, supports voluntary integration among East Metro urban and surrounding suburban schools.

Stillwater’s Achievement and Integration Plan is intentionally designed to correlate with EMID’s vision and mission:

EMID Vision: 
To be a leading voice for educational equity and integration.

EMID Mission: To help member districts develop equitable learning systems and narrow the gap in opportunity, achievement, expectations, and resources for every student and staff member through teacher, learning, and community engagement.

The foundation for District 834’s Achievement and Integration Plan, is Stillwater Area Public Schools Strategic Plan Bridge to Excellence.

Achievement and Integration Plan, July 2014 - June 2017 (pdf, 202 KB)

As its foundation, the Stillwater Area Public Schools 3-Year Achievement and Integration Plan utilizes the following: mirrors EMID's vision and goals, builds on the district's strategic plan: Bridge to Excellence, and recognizes and incorporates the value of the district's changing demographics.

Intercultural Coaching

The Intercultural Coaching Program is offered by the Office of Equity and Integration in the Stillwater Area School system.  It is part of an intensive staff development program on Intercultural Competencies for teachers and other staff members in E-12 schools throughout the district.