Accessing Canon Printer/Copiers

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Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, staff will need their employee badges to access the large Canon printer/copiers. This new process will help maintain confidentiality of documents across the district, significantly reduce the chance of documents getting picked up by the wrong person, and reduce waste by giving the ability to delete unwanted print jobs.

Accessing Canons with your Badge
After sending your print job to the machine, you will need to “badge in” and select your desired file to complete printing. This will require you to waive your employee badge over the access panel to unlock the system. You will then be asked to choose your building and department. For step by step instructions on this process, please see the walkthrough document below.

Copying / Scanning
After you have unlocked the copier and chosen your building/department, you will be able to copy and scan as per usual.

You will notice there is now an icon called “Secure Print” available on the Canon copier/printers. This accesses files printed to the two “FOLLOW-ME” printers that you have probably noticed showing up under your available printer list in the last couple months. 

What If I Forget My Badge?

Information on obtaining your Employee ID from ERMA, so you can manually get into the Canon copier/printers without your badge.

What If I Have Lost/Broken My Badge?

Information on badge replacement.