Student in PAES Lab

PAES® (Practical Assessment Exploration System)

Student in PAES Lab

PAES is a curriculum that operates in a simulated work environment. Students become employees and teachers become supervisors! Strict work procedures are followed so students get the feel of real work and at the same time learn and explore new career and vocational areas. A comprehensive report is developed once a student has finished PAES. This report can be used to develop IEPs, Transition Plans, School-To-Work Plans, and Career Development Plans.

PAES offers students:

  • Training in basic career, vocational and life skills that relate to careers in business/marketing, consumer service, construction/industrial, processing/production and technology.
  • Assessment of student interest in work areas, competitiveness, behavior barriers to success.
  • Exploration through hands-on experience in a simulated work environment.
  • PAES is a valid assessment of skills, interest, placement options and special accommodations and correlates to MN Academic Standards.

Student Outcomes
Students who have successfully completed PAES:

  • Know what they are doing in work environment.
  • Understand their strengths.
  • Have acquired work-related problem solving skills.
  • Understand the proper behavior needed at work.
  • Have a plan for where they are going.
  • Know what careers interest them.

Educational Outcomes
When students finish with PAES, teachers know:

  • What skills a student can actually perform.
  • If students are competitive with the real world.
  • What type of special assistance will be needed for slow learners, and the physically challenged.
  • What work behaviors students have and which ones they need to develop.
  • How to write better transition plans as vital information is now available.