About 18-21 Transition

Lift Bridge Students

Planning for life after high school is an integral piece of quality education. We must align our efforts so our students benefit from both college and career preparation, learning the skills and knowledge necessary to be contributing members of our communities.

The transition process for students and the Transition IEP can look different for each student based on the student’s individual educational needs, student preferences and IEP goals.

The three areas of transition are identified as the following and must be addressed at each annual IEP meeting.

  1. Education and Training
  2. Employment
  3. Independent living skills – where appropriate

18-21 year old transition services are developed by local school districts. They provide opportunities for students with disabilities, 18-21, to gain independent living skills, transition skills, social and functional skills and self-advocacy in real-life settings and to participate in age appropriate activities in their communities.