Students are encouraged to bring their own devices for educational uses. To use the district WiFi network the device has to be registered. To register please fill out this wifi registration form and turn it into the Media Center.

Technology in the Classroom: A 2:1 Laptop Learning Initiative

Stillwater Middle has a rich history of technology integration to assure that our students have the skills needed to be successful twenty-first century learners. We started with a large-scale integration effort  in the fall of 2002. At that time, all teachers were provided with laptops, a building-wide wireless network, servers, extensive training, support, software, peripherals and curriculum writing time. In March of 2003, more than 400 new laptops and 100 desktop computers were rolled out on mobile carts for student use in the classroom.

Starting in September 2013 each Social Studies classroom will have a cart of Google Chromebooks. Classes will be using multiple online tools and sources for student learning. The centerpiece of curriculum will be a Moodle course. The moodle course and most items will be accessible from outside of school using other devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

All classes at Stillwater Middle School use cart-based, wireless laptops. Emphasis is placed on the creation and electronic publication of challenging, real-world projects. All students have storage locations on the school server and each is provided web publishing capabilities. A typical year-long class would use computers and related technologies for 8-12 weeks of the school year. Visitors from around the country and the world visit the school's website to view videos of the technology-rich lessons that students experience.

The school uses a comprehensive web-based program called Skyward to provide parents and students with instant access to student projects, grades, assignments, file transfer between home and school, communication links to teachers and other valuable features. Parents may also subscribe to weekly e-mail updates from the school as well as RSS subscriptions to news pages on this website.

Visitors and inquiries are welcome and encouraged!

To arrange a visit, contact Principal: Eric VanScoy at 651.351.6901.

For technology inquiries, contact Jeff Hudson, technology integration specialist at 651.351.8902.

STEM: Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

District 834 and Stillwater Middle School have a long history of providing students with quality educational opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.