SMS Middle School Model Success

One of the great things about the "Middle School Model" is that teams of teachers, who share students, can plan learning experience that give kids a chance to use the skills they've leared in class throughout the rest of their school day.  Students in SMS House 6 Black were working on their creative writing skills in their English class, when their teacher Ms. Vizenor asked them to write a story with a robot character who went on an adventure.  Students were encouraged to be as creative as they wanted, so long as they practiced their "Six Traits of Writing" skills and correctly used their motion and forces vocabulart from Science class.  When finished with their writing process, students designed and constructed LEGO Robots to match their character and programmed the robots to accurately act out the motion in their story.  Some students, under the guidance of Technology Innovation Coach Julie Balfanz, even promgrammed a Dash robot to act as a secondary character to interact with their LEGO Robot.  Giving kids an opportunity to combine their literacy skills with their math, science, and engineering skills resulted in some truly creative and incredible stories from some truly creative and incredible kids. 

Take a look at the pictures below to see the kids in action!

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