SMS NJHS Volunteers at Miss Amazing MN

Thirteen members of the Stillwater Middle School National Junior Honor Society and one member of the Oakland Middle School NJHS volunteered at the MN Miss Amazing Pageant on Saturday, April 7th.  The Miss Amazing pageant is a pageant for women of all ages with special needs.  Miss Amazing provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to build confidence and self-esteem in a supportive environment.  

The 14 volunteers participated in a variety of roles.  Some were Helping Hands.  These students helped set up the stage, pass out programs, set up interview rooms, assemble boquets of flowers, organize lunch/dinner, and much more. Other students signed up to be Buddies.  These students were assigned to a contestant and it was their job to make sure the contestant stayed on schedule.  They helped to keep the contestats comfortable, they assisted in getting contestants ready for the pageant, and they helped with communication between the contestants and their families.  Finally, three young men signed up to be Right Hand Men.  These young men came dressed to impressed and escorted the contestants across the stage throughout the pageant.  

The students did a remarkable job, made some new friends, and participated in a brand new experience.  The MN State Pageant Director commented on their participation and raved about a job well done.  Way to SMS and OMS NJHS students!