What's Happening at SMS?

The students at SMS are enjoying some hands on learning!  Check out details below:

Kvalheim's Science Class:
Sixth grade students wrapped up their LEGO Robotics and Programming Unit this week.  Students learned how to build robots and program their robots to use sensors to respond to their environments.  Throughout the unit students completed over 30 different challenges where they had to design a solution to a problem and demonstrate how the program they wrote (and their robot) solve that problem. 

Budion's French Class:
French students have been learning food and restaurant vocabulary for the start of second semester! In addition to preparing scripts and acting out restaurant dialogues in groups, students created their own menus for their creative cafés.

Schultz's Social Studies Class:
Students were a part of an economic simulation in order to start understanding the US economy as we are beginning our Industrialization unit. They took on the roles of consumers and producers to show them how goods and services move throughout the market place. 

Pridie's GATE Art Class:
Grade 4 Gate students are working on cardboard construction projects and paper weaving projects in Studio Art. Students in construction were introduced to cardboard connecting techniques before they planned out their individual ideas and began construction. Once the project was completed students have the opportunity to add color using tempera paint.  Once students completed their construction project they begin working on their paper weaving project. The first students to begin working on the weaving project become mentors to those that have not started the project, they act as experts. Teaching what they already have been instructed to do helps develop better processing skills and collaboration skills in students.  These projects will go on display in the school display cases.

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