Royalty-Free Media for Projects

Recommended Sources for Royalty Free Media


Use the Search Engine box to search for graphics and other royalty free media from all the sites below. For example, if you enter "horse" in the search box, you will be presented with links to images of horses from the 15 recommended sites.

Google Custom Search

Convert your files

If you need to convert files from one format to another, all you need is your e-mail address and the ZAMZAR free conversion site.

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

Copyright and Fair Use rules are incredibily complex. In general it is not OK to use music, video, sounds, images, photographs or other media from the Internet without permission. Restrictions on publishing media are even more prohibitive and complex. For example, it is not legal for you to include a song from a CD you own in a project that you share on your web page. Publishing a Disney logo on your website would be another example of an action that is not permissible. Both of the previous actions (sharing a song or an image) would probably be deemed acceptable if the project were shown to a limited audience (face to face or on a password-protected website).

Copyright 101 for Educators

The best advice is to gather your media for projects from sites that provide media that is specifically authorized for your use.

Citations: Remember to cite your sources appropriately. Tools like EasyBib make this easy. Just create the citation and copy it to your project/report/website.

Permission Templates: Click here for an e-mail template to request to use web content in a project or report. Click here if you are a teacher and would like to use copyright web content in the classroom.