Stock Market Club - SMS

Stock Market Club -

Students are given an imaginary $100,000 to invest.  The transactions that students make match the actual stock market values of the individual stocks.  Students compete on teams in stock market clubs across the state.  Stock Market Club provides a fun and entertaining experience for students while, at the same time, allows students to learn some important lessons about investing.

  • Advisor:  Mike Ryan - E160 - 651-351-6957 -
  • Fee: $20 per team
  • Meeting Times: Starts the third week in January meets once a week on Thursdays from 2:20-4:00 pm in room E135. 
  • To Join: Sign up with Mr. Ryan in E135.

What is the Stock Market Game?

Students that participate in the Stock Market Game will be granted access to accounts that contain $100,000 (game $) that they can invest in the market.  Over a period of approximately 14 weeks students will buy and sell stocks (or not!) and hopefully increase the value of their portfolio up from the original $100,000 (game $)

The Stock Market Game is a statewide competition that pits students of like ages against each other.  Postings of rankings both regionally and by state are updated regularly so that participants can track how thier portfolio compares to their competition's.  The top 3 teams with the most equity in their portfolio (sorted by grade, region and state) may earn prizes and be eligible for the annual rewards banquet.

*Stocks are purchased at real time prices (time at which the purchase/sale was executed).

What does it meet & how much does the Stock Market Game cost?

Checks should be made out to "BestPrep".  Up to five players can be on a team and the cost can be divided up amongst the players.  Example: if there are 2 people playing they will each pay $10.00 - with checks made out to "BestPrep". 

*If there is any difficulty in payment in order to participate please notify Mr. Ryan

How to prepare for the Stock Market Game?

  • Read the rules to the game
  • Learn what a stock is
  • Research potential stocks of interest
  • Make a list of stocks you would like to purchase
  • Congratulate yourself for engaging in life long learning!

The Stock Market Game

Beta.pdf (pdf, 255 KB)
Bubbles.pdf (pdf, 199 KB)
Dividends.pdf (pdf, 413 KB)
Earnings.pdf (pdf, 197 KB)
How to Short Sell.pdf (pdf, 263 KB)
Kinds of Funds.pdf (pdf, 159 KB)
Market Volume.pdf (pdf, 346 KB)
Measuring the Market.pdf (pdf, 305 KB)
PE Ration.pdf (pdf, 210 KB)
Save Early & Often.pdf (pdf, 200 KB)
Stocks & Bonds.pdf (pdf, 225 KB)
Ups & Downs.pdf (pdf, 252 KB)
$ in Peripheral Companies.pdf (pdf, 443 KB)