Wellhead Protection

Wellhead protection is a means of safeguarding our public water supply wells by helping prevent contaminants from entering the area that contributes water to a well or well field over a period of time. This program is now required in Minnesota since the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) implemented its Wellhead Protection Rules in November 1997.  The MDH initiated its Wellhead Protection Program in response to the 1986 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act and MDH’s statutory authority is granted in the Minnesota Groundwater Protection Act of 1989.

Stillwater Area Public Schools is committed to doing our part in assuring our well water supply remains safe for our students and for our community. Our goal is to increase public awareness of our well water supply locations and emphasize the importance of monitoring potential contaminants in these areas.

We would like to encourage everyone to do their part by reporting potential contamination hazards that could jeopardize the safety of our drinking water. This could include such things as illegal dumping, tampering with wells, and any other suspicious activities affecting the wellhead area.

Oak-Land Junior High School currently operates one well for its water supply purposes.  This well is completed in the Jordan Sandstone.  Detailed descriptions of the geologic and hydro geologic setting of the water supply system, the delineation of the Wellhead Protection Area and Drinking Water Supply Area, and the well and aquifer vulnerability assessments are presented in Wellhead Protection Plan for Oak-Land Junior High, Part I (MDH, January 2004). A copy of this plan can be found at Stillwater Area Public Schools administrative office located at 1875 South Greeley Street Stillwater, Minnesota.  To schedule a review of this plan, please contact Tony Willger, Supervisor of Site Facilities and Operations at 651-351-8374. 

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