Oak-Land Middle School Counseling Department

Welcome to the Oak-Land Middle School Counseling Department 

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Access the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) Here to login to your student account. MCIS is a comprehensive college and career readiness tool for middle and high schools that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.

What is the Role of the School Counselor?

School Counselors help students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career exploration and development. We collaborate with  parents, staff and students to ensure that today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. We do this by providing the following services:

Individual Counseling: Available for students who need to discuss personal, social or academic issues. Students can drop-in or get a pass from the Guidance Secretary. 

Counseling Groups: Counseling groups are run periodically during the school year. Examples include New Student Groups, Grief Groups, Self-Esteem Building Groups and others as needed. 

Classroom Counseling: Counselors present career and social/emotional information in classrooms. Topics include:

  • How to be a successful student
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Bullying
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Responding to gossip

Our goal is to support high academic achievement by emphasizing excellent attendance, positive attitudes toward learning, and respectful behavior. We also want to support parents as they help their child grow and develop. Counselors are available to answer parent questions any time. Please contact us with any concerns.

Heather Goetz, Counselor for students with last names  A - K

651-351-8510, goetzh@stillwaterschools.org

Julie Coe, Counselor for students with last names L-Z

651-351-8508, coej@stillwaterschools.org

Tracey Slayton, Counseling Secretary

651-351-8516, slaytont@stillwaterschools.org

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"Tough Talks With Teens"

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Community Counseling Resources and Information

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