Advisory Information

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The Oak-Land staff is committed to an Advisory curriculum which promotes organizational skills, positive relationships and tools for academic success. An important part of the Advisory program is the High Five. These values include:


These High 5 value traits will be taught and reflected upon during our Advisory (8:46 – 9:06).

These values will apply to students’ academic, behavioral, and social development not only while attending Oak-Land, but can have far reaching effects in the future. The High 5 will be referenced during error correction/disciplinary situations, as well as positive interactions when students are recognized for showing respect, responsibility, commitment, compassion, or integrity. Staff will also be looking for students “doing the right thing” and recognize these students by writing Raider Rocks Certificates and giving students a chance to enter our weekly lottery prizes announced each Friday. 

The Raider High 5: Learning it...both at school and in our community.