Swim (Girls 6-7-8)

Welcome to the Oak-Land Middle School Swim Team!  

This will be a fun season and I am so glad you are a part of the team.

We will be having practice Monday through Thursday from 2:30-4:30, please have your parents pick you up by 4:45 at the main doors. The swim meet schedule is posted on the Suburban East Conference website, access can be made through the Oak-Land Middle School site under athletics. There is also a new app to download to the phone, which is on the website.  Please be aware there may be changes, so be sure to check the website or app often.

On the days we have a swim meet we will be bussed to the location if it is an away meet.  I need all swimmers to meet me at the main school doors immediately after the school day to be on time for the bus. I would recommend backpacks, instruments, etc. be brought with, rather than left at school, as I am not sure how much access to school there will be when we return.  I will have all swimmers call their parents to let them know when we are leaving the meet. Parents can be at OMS 20 minutes after the phone call to pick you up.  I need to stay until all swimmers are picked up and I would like to be able to get home at a reasonable time!  I would prefer we all ride the bus to and from the meet to stay together as a team.  I understand there will be times you need a ride home from the meet.  Please provide me with a note from your parent if this is going to occur.

I highly recommend a good, healthy snack (protein!!) prior to swim practice. It's a long school day and we are swimming for 2 hours and you will need some nutrition.

Items needed:  1 piece racing suit, goggles, and swim cap. We are ordering team swim caps and I recommend you purchase one so we look like a team, purchased through Fee Pay for $3. We will have optional Stillwater Swim t-shirts for $11.50 and knapsacks for $5 to purchase by using Fee Pay, the deadline will be 9/7/18 to order.

I would like each swimmer to put my cell phone number in their phone before the start of the season so you can text or call me if you are not going to be at practice or a meet or be late.  I need to know EACH AND EVERY TIME there is a conflict.  My number is 651-260-8804 and my email is reedk@stillwaterschools.org.  The only reasonable excuse for missing practice or a meet is if you are home sick or have an urgent family conflict.  If you need to meet with a teacher after school regarding homework or missed exam, please let me know and get to practice immediately after.  It is imperative that we make all practices, we are on time and give our best effort so we can build a team that can rely on each other.

I look forward to seeing all of you on our first day of practice on 8/29.  Change into your suit in the locker room and meet me on the pool deck at 2:30.  Doors to the pool deck are just off of the showers.

-Coach Kelly Reed