Attendance Information

Procedure when a student is absent from school:

Attendance will be taken by teachers during each class period of the school day. At the end of each day, attendance information will be compiled and parents will be notified if their child had an unexcused absence for one or more the class periods using the automated phone calling system.

What to do:

when your child is absent (due to illness, vacation, etc.):

Call the attendance line 651-351-8555 to report any absences each day the student is absent. Your message should include your child's full name with spelling of the last name, grade, and reason for absence.

when your child is absent for two or more days for vacation, etc:

Present to the attendance secretary a signed note from the parent/guardian indicating the days they will be absent. The student will receive a pre-arranged absent form on which teachers will note any homework to be completed.

when your child needs to leave early (appointments, etc):

Send with your child, a signed note from parent/guardian excusing him/her for the time you need to pick them up. This note will be his/her pass to leave class at the designated time and then be signed out in the main offfice by their parent/guardian.

when your child arrives late to school:

Come into the building and sign your child in OR have a signed note from a parent/guardian explaining the reason for the late arrival. Present a note from the doctor or dentist at this time.

when your child becomes ill during the school day:

Staudent must report to the health office. Parents will be contacted if it is necessary to arranged for the ill student to be taken home.

Examples of excused absences:

  • Illness

  • Medical or dental appointments

  • Family emergencies i.e. funeral

  • Family vacations, sporting event, or other elective absence

  • Court appearance

  • Religious holidays

Examples of unexcused absences:

  • Overslept / running late

  • Needed at home / babysitting

  • Missed the bus

  • Completing homework

  • Car trouble / unreliable transportation arrangements

  • Leaving school during the regular school day without approval of a school administrator

  • Not in assigned location while at school

  • Other non-emergency situations

When you miss school you miss out.