Foundation Success Program

Overview & Goals

Foundation Success students are enrolled in regular track, enriched, or Advanced Placement classes during the majority of their daily schedule.  For one period a day in Foundation Success, they learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and asking probing questions, get academic help from peers and teachers, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make college seem attainable. The goal is for students to improve their self advocacy, academic study skills, organizational skills and to give them the skills to be leaders in an educational environment.

Foundation Success targets students in the academic middle - B, C, and even D students - who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. These are students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential.  Foundation Success works to motivate these students towards more rigorous curriculum and skills that can yield future success in school.

Entrance and Exit Criteria

Students are identified in the spring of their 9th grade year.  Junior high school counselors identify students that could benefit from the Foundation Success coursework based upon prior academic performance which includes GPA, state and national test scores, district level test scores, end of course common assessments as well as other teacher input.  Once this group of students has been identified, our Foundation Success staff conducts one on one interviews with the students and notifies the parents.  A final decision is then made and students are selected for the course.  It is a highly sought after elective with limited numbers of students that can be served to enable a small class size and highly individualized attention.

Subsequently, students are exited from the program based upon how their transition to high school has gone. This is a highly individualized decision based upon criteria identified for each student during the entrance interview and their current academic performance. Typically if a student exits the program it is done at the end of first semester.