Reading Intervention Program

Overview & Goals

To gain a Stillwater Area High School diploma students are required to pass the 10th Grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) for Reading in addition to fulfilling state and district mandated credits. The Reading Intervention Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to increase their reading skills to pass the required MCA Reading test.

Stillwater Area High School provides clearly defined steps to support students in reading.  We recognize students need strong reading skills in all areas of the curriculum.  Students in grades 10-12 are challenged to perform at grade level in all subject areas.  Students encounter an increasing amount of assigned reading as well as increasingly difficult texts throughout their high school years.  Addressing reading deficits in a systemic process, we deter existing learning gaps from becoming insurmountable for students. 

Entrance Criteria

Stillwater Area High School Reading Intervention Team takes the following steps to qualify students for intervention:

1. Identify students who scored below 50 (proficient) on the 8th Grade MCA Reading Test.

2. Gather additional standardized test data on identified students (e.g. additional MCA Reading Test data from prior years, Performance Series Assessment, Explore) for trend analysis and program consideration.

3. Gain input from junior high school language arts teachers and guidance counselors.  

4. Meet as a High School Reading Intervention Team to discuss all of the data gathered in steps 1-3 above and make placement decisions based on student data and intervention space available.

Exiting the Reading Intervention

When a student passes the MCA Graduation Reading test, they effectively meet the goals of Reading Intervention.  Students move out of the Reading Intervention Program at semester time if also passing the MCA.

Curriculum Description

The reading program is comprised of two core classes: Strategic English Lab (I and II) and Strategic Reading.  
Students in Strategic English Lab participate in a variety of language arts activities including sentence, paragraph and essay writing.  The course includes grammar instruction, vocabulary, reading of assigned classic and modern literature and a variety of public speaking opportunities.  Students will participate in small group discussion, large group discussion, group presentations, and individual presentations.

Students in Strategic Reading will move through four instructional approaches to reading including small group instruction, large group instruction, independent reading, and computer-designed instruction. The instructional focus in Strategic Reading is based on Minnesota State Standards in Reading pertinent to the MCA and GRAD test requirements.