Student Learning Support Program

Student Learning Support Philosophy

Learning is central to all we do at Stillwater Area High School. Caring and professional staff review feedback and data to ensure that students are meeting proficiency in state and national standards. When a student is identified as having learning difficulties, they are often placed in an intervention program. The goal of all intervention is to give further support to students in specific areas of need. We strive to provide an optimal level of learning for all of our students. In order to meet this Stillwater Area High School has adopted two philosophical approaches to learning.

Professional Learning Communities

Stillwater Area High School values and supports Professional Learning Communities.  Staff identify common course goals and implement a systemic approach to assessment, through the use of common meeting time to discuss student performance.  Professional Learning Communities ask and answer four questions:

1.  What do we want all students to know?  

Formation of Learning Targets and Essential Learning Outcomes.

2.  How do we know if they know it?  

Creation of a system of formative and summative assessment.

3.  What do we do if they do not know it?  

Creation of a system of tiered intervention or RTI/Response to Intervention.

4.  What do we do when they already know it?  

Creation of a system of accelerated learning opportunities.

Intervention programing begins to serve students in a systematic approach or intervention in a tiered approach.  Intervention programming answers PLC question three, “What do we do if they do not know it?”

Tier 1

This is the regular education classroom setting.  Generally, Tier 1 includes the daily interaction with a teacher and supports such as staying after class for additional help, forming a study group, meeting with the teacher before and after school, asking questions for clarification while in class, retaking formative assessments, completing drafts of work through teacher guidance and possibly meeting as a parent, teacher and student to discuss difficulties and solutions.

Tier 2 and 3

This is where many of our Intervention Programs typically begin with multiple levels of support.  These are generally additional supports outside of the normal curriculum to aid students in gaining core skills necessary for success, meeting state and national standards, and graduation.

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10th Grade Student Learning Support (SLS)

Work completion can be a barrier to a student’s academic success.  Student Learning Support (SLS) provides an intervention for any 10th grade students who have three or more missing assignments in any course. 

Reading Intervention Program

To gain a Stillwater Area High School diploma students are required to pass the 10th Grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) for Reading in addition to fulfilling state and district mandated credits.

Math Intervention Program

The Math Intervention Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to increase their math skills to pass the required MCA Grad Math test.

Foundation Success Program

Foundation Success students are enrolled in regular track, enriched, or Advanced Placement classes during the majority of their daily schedule.