Schools closed due to snow

Schools will be closed on Wednesday, Feb. 20. There will be no school for all students. Adventure Club will be closed and all regular after school and Community Education activities are canceled.

Pony Student Centers

A-Fal - Red Pony Student Center (D200)

Dr. Aaron Drevlow, Assistant Principal 651.351.8016

Kate Nelson, Counselor (A-B) 651.351.8013

Krista Koenen, Counselor (C-Fal) 651.351.8027

Nina Gieser, Secretary 651.351.8021

Fam-Lam - Gray Pony Student Center (D138)

Christine Otto, Assistant Principal 651.351.8082

Becky Hopper, Counselor (Fam-Hic) 651.351.8014

Sandy Weaver, Counselor (Hid-Lam) 651.351.8005

Shelly Enhelder, Secretary 651.351.8039

Lan-Rod - White Pony Student Center (E100)

Shelly Phernetton, Assistant Principal 651.351.8009

Kristina King, Counselor (Lan-M) 651.351.8023

Jeremy Baldwin, Counselor (N-Rod) 651.351.8026

Donna Kenny, Secretary 651.351.8010

Roe-Z - Black Pony Student Center (C100)

Matthew Kraft, Assistant Principal 651.351.8008

Liz Nelson, Counselor (Roe-S) 651.351.8006

Dan Ralston, Counselor (T-Z) 651.351.8024

Jody Jordan, Secretary 651.351.8002


Tess Radecke. Registrar 651.351.8043

Katy Pupungatoa, B.A.R.R Coordinator/Interventionist 651.351.8147