Update to PSEO Application Process for Fall Term

March 19, 2020

*If you need to take ACCUPLACER, please read this:

Students who need to sign-up to take ACCUPLACER should first complete the online application. Once your application has been submitted, you can register to take ACCUPLACER on the Testing Center website.

*Students who do not need to take ACCUPLACER or have taken ACCUPLACER already do not need to complete the online application. Page 4 of the Century College PSEO application is still acceptable. (Students who complete the online application are not required to submit Page 4 of the PSEO application, but can certainly do so if desired.)

Important when completing the online application:

  • Create a StarID or log-in with an existing StarID if you have one from another Minnesota State institution.
  • Select “Fall Term 2020” (We are not accepting applications for Summer or Spring Term at this time.)
  • Select “Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Student” when selecting Application Type.
  • Select “Century College” when indicating which campus you intend to receive services while a student.
  • Use promo code “NEWPSEO” at the end of the application.
  • Your online application will not say “accepted” until all PSEO documents have been submitted and processed.

The Testing Center has updated their testing process while their staff are also working remotely. Read more.

Students should submit application materials via email, if possible, to katy.moore@century.edu.

*We are still requesting application materials be submitted together, in ONE email. Application materials should not be submitted one-by-one. The only exception is for students needing to submit the online application and take ACCUPLACER remotely. Those two items can be completed separately.

*Applications submitted via mail within 10 days before March 20th or after March 20th may have a significant delay in processing due to the changeover to staff working remotely. While working remotely, staff will have limited access to items submitted in the mail.

Students will receive an email upon acceptance into the program (or an email indicating they are missing documentation if appropriate).