SAHS Dollars for Dreams Club Receives $500 Grant

December 06, 2017
Dollars for Dreams

Dollars for Dreams, SAHS microlending club to fight poverty, won a $500 grant from Rockport and Schuler Shoes. 

Kirsten Carter, the club's adviser, says the club has loaned and re-loaned $7,100 since March of 2016:  21 loans to people in 15 different countries all over the world.  In addition, SAHS graduate '17 and former president of the club, Mason Bartosh, recently received approval to start a Dollars for Dreams chapter at University of WI at Madison.  

You can see the loans they have issued, the club mission, leaders and other information on their website HERE.

The club expects to go on forever since every dollar gets repaid and gets re-loaned again and again, adding more money into the cycle each month.