Human Anatomy Students Participate in Medical Explorers Program at Lakeview Hospital

December 06, 2017

Each year, Lakeview Hospital has a Medical Explorers Program that science teacher Doug Long promotes in his Human Anatomy class. This year the students pictured all signed up for the program and they visit Lakeview Hospital each Monday night to get exposure to different aspects of working in the medical field. Last Monday they got to tour the Operating Room and they let them dress up in scrubs. Students also visited the birth center to see a pediatrician do a well-baby check on a newborn. Other talks included a pharmacist, community health specialist, emergency department manager, EMT, radiology technician, and RNs.

Students say they especially like the hands on activities.

“My favorite part was the surgery day because it was the most interactive part,” said Charlie Kampfer. “We got to wear scrubs and go into an operating room where we could do a laparoscopic surgery activity. We were also given the opportunity to practice sutures.”

“This program was fun,” said Atinuke Oduloye. “My favorite part was trying on scrubs and seeing an 18 hour old baby.”

The Explorers Program is for students (age 14-20 years old) who are interested in exploring a career in healthcare. Each week they cover various areas of medicine such as nursing, emergency medicine, surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology and paramedic.

Organizers say the Lakeview staff are eager to give back.

“The staff really appreciate sharing their careers with the students,” said Donna Karis, Lakeview's Valley Community Education Coordinator. “They love their jobs and they want to inspire these students to pursue their education and become healthcare professionals.”

Pictured left to right: (Front row) Kate Schmiechen, (Middle row) Maya Knowlan, Sarah Le, Tinu Oduloye, Ashley Baker, (Back row) Sarah Morrissey, Ben Kampfer, Bode Akinshemoyin, Charlie Kampfer, Charley Korman