Back to School Information for ONLINE Families

August 25, 2020

Dear SAHS online students and families,

I know there have been many questions over the past couple of weeks surrounding the online option that is open to SAHS students for the 2020 - 2021 school year.  Of particular concern for many has been the curricular platform that will be in place for students/families that have selected to go 100% online.  As I mentioned in the video that I shared a couple of weeks ago, registration information was needed from students and teachers before knowing whether we would be able to match online students with current SAHS teachers, or whether we would need to contract with an outside source.  I am glad to say that we will be serving a vast majority of our online students with our SAHS teachers through very similar delivery methods as our hybrid learners.  

All online learners will follow a 3-period schedule which mirrors our hybrid model.  In many instances, online learners will be assigned to a class that is being taught by an SAHS teacher on the hybrid model.  In these cases, our online learners will function every day in the same manner as the at-home cohort in our hybrid model (i.e. for hybrid learners, on “A” days the “B” cohort learns online from home while the “A” cohort attends in person).  In some instances, online students may have classes that are entirely composed of online students and have a SAHS teacher who is dedicated strictly to teaching online.  In either of these cases, teachers will be looking to provide synchronous learning opportunities (instruction in “real time” where online students will need to be online at a specific time to participate in the lesson) for online learners, in addition to granting the flexibility that makes online attractive to many students.  Over the coming days (and weeks as school begins) our teachers will be investigating ways to live stream/video cast, video record and post lessons, allow for class discussion, provide “flipped” lessons (where direct instruction is posted online which students access before class so that class time centers around questions related to the material), and ensure consistency in delivery through common Schoology templates for our online students.

We will be scheduling specific times for online students to check out the textbooks they need for their classes and a technology device if they are in need of one.  Online students should plan to report to the SAHS Media Center to pick up textbooks and technology according to the following schedule:


*9th grade students involved in orientation from 10:00 - 12:00 on Tuesday, Sept. 8 may come during a different time period if needed.

Thank you to all online students and families for your patience as we have worked to determine the best way to provide online instruction for our students.  It has taken time and data to ensure that we can deliver online instruction with our teaching staff in the manner that we have always wanted to do.  We still have much to learn, and while the path will not always be straight, I am confident that it will be forward.

Robert C. Bach