Back to School Supplies & Technology 2020-2021

August 14, 2020


As the calendar moves into the second half of summer, many students and families begin to think about needed school supplies for the upcoming school year.  For students and families who are new to SAHS, there are often questions surrounding what materials students need as they enter the high school.  

 The 9th grade supply list can be found HERE

The 10th - 12th grade supply list can be found HERE

 Of special note this year is that lockers will not be available to students in Fall 2020 due to COVID.  We are asking all students to carry their materials from class to class in a backpack.  Given that a vast majority of SAHS students do not use lockers during the school day, and that students will only have 3 classes this fall rather than 6, we believe that this will be manageable for students.

 Questions also frequently arise concerning what technology needs students will need at SAHS.   

Today more than ever, students need access to technology for school purposes, as schools have expanded the uses of technology from word processing and internet research to include communication, assignment submission, and even assessment.  Hybrid and distance learners will need a technology device both in the classroom and at home.  Students may use any Chromebook or Laptop computer (webcam is needed) and are encouraged to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  All devices brought from home will need to be registered on the Pony network through the Technical Support Office located upstairs in the main rotunda.

If you are interested in purchasing a new device, we have an online store available through our partnership with FireFly Advantage:  Our recommended devices (Lenovo 500e or 300e) are backordered until November 2020, however, the most comparable devices available at retailers are more expensive (can be approximately twice the cost). For interested families, we recommend ordering your device now and using a district issued chromebook until the new device arrives. 

The district will assign a device and if needed a hotspot (internet access) to any student who requests it. We recommend that every child in the household has access to their own device so that families can engage in learning time together at home. Students and parents who require a device and/or internet access should complete and submit the necessary google forms which are linked below. We do have limited supplies and ask that you make these requests as soon as possible. This opportunity is intended for students who do not have access to a computer or the internet at home. Here is the link for a laptop. Here is the link for a hotspot (internet access).

 More information will be coming soon with regard to Pony Round-Up, 9th grade orientation, and building safety protocols as we prepare for hybrid learning in light of COVID-19.

We look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks!


Robert C. Bach