2020-2021 Parking Passes

For the 2020-2021 school year, we are selling permits PER SEMESTER.  

Permits will be issued at Pony Roundup and will be valid through Semester 1. Registration is valid for the entire school year, however a separate payment will be required for a Semester 2 parking permit.  Separate parking permits will be distributed for Semester 2.  Students will need to return the semester 1 parking permit in order to receive their semester 2 permit.

  • We offer a three-tiered parking fee to give students the option of paying less for a spot that is slightly further from a school entrance. This map shows the three areas: Red Lot = $62.50/Semester; Black Lot = $50.00/Semester; Gray Lot = $43.75/Semester.

  • We will provide hang-tag permits that will need to be displayed in the rear-view mirror when parked at SAHS.  

  • Staff and students are expected to park in their designated areas.

  • Penalties for parking without a permit in our lot:

    • First offense: Warning

    • Second offense: Boot on car, rendering it unable to move

    • Third offense: Tow and lose parking privileges

Additional information is in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you for helping us make the parking experience a safe one for all students.

 How to get a Parking Permit:

  1. Students must complete the parking Schoology course. Access code: SCV5-23ZD-BQRGW    

  2. Pay for parking permit through SmartSchool.

  3. Permits will be available for pickup at SAHS Pony Roundup August 28th.


Contact Shelly Phernetton, phernettons@stillwaterschools.org, 651-351-8009 or

Alison Schroeder, schroedera@stillwaterschools.org, 651-351-8040


Parking Map (pdf, 1 MB)
Student Parking FAQ (pdf, 40 KB)