SAHS Technology

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Skyward Family Access 
Grade reports, homework assignments, messages from teachers, special school announcements and much more will be communicated with parents through the Skyward Family Access website. Family Access is used at the junior high and high school as a way for parents/guardians to stay informed about their student’s academic progress. Report cards, required forms, and other reports are also available for students in elementary school. Logon to Family Access through your school website, or at

Cell Phones, Text Messaging, Headsets, Electronics, and Nuisance Items
Personal electronic equipment and nuisance items (such as e-cigs, radios, personal electronic devices, sepas, hacky sacks, laser pointers, stink bombs, squirt guns and etc.) are a distraction to the educational setting. Specifically, cell phones, text messaging, electronic beepers, etc. are to be turned off and away during the academic day. Such items are a temptation leading to theft as well as threats and harassment.
Students are expected to plan accordingly with family members so that messages are retrieved before or after school day. Depending on the severity of the actions and the type of item, students will be asked to put items away. In some instances, such items including cell phones must be given to a faculty member immediately upon request.
Failure to give the items to a faculty member may result in disciplinary action. Persistent and continued use of these items after being warned may result in suspension and loss of possession of the item for the remainder of the entire school year. Phones are subject to search by administration if involved in any unsafe or suspicious activity.
The school assumes no responsibility for the loss or theft of such items. As with all valuable items, we strongly recommend that items that may become a nuisance be left at home. If a staff member confiscates unauthorized items, the item will be given to an assistant principal. On the second offense, a parent/guardian will be expected to pick up the items from the student’s assistant principal. For subsequent offenses, students will face consequence for insubordination.