Schools closed, Distance learning through May 4

The Governor has ordered all Minnesota schools to remain closed with distance learning in place from March 30 through May 4 to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

SAHS Student Code of Conduct

Please refer to the Discipline Policy and Student Code of Conduct for guidance regarding school-wide student behavior. Meetings will be held the first two weeks of school to clearly address expectations for our students. See District Policies Website for more details.

Classroom Discipline
All classroom staff will have syllabi with class expectations. It is imperative that students follow expectations and work directly with the classroom teacher. In circumstances that warrant, you may be directed to the office for disciplinary action. A teacher may direct a student from the classroom to their center for the following reasons:
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Insubordination
  • Suspected chemical or alcohol use
  • Suspected possession of a weapon
Other violations as defined in the District 834 Discipline Policy or procedures and Code of Conduct outlined in this digital handbook or online documents and moodle course as required prior to starting the school year.
The teacher, counselor or assistant principal may inform the student’s parent/guardian of the reason for the removal from class. This notification applies in cases where the student is 18 years of age or older unless Age of Majority procedures have been followed.

Due Process
In any action taken against a student of SAHS resulting from a student’s breach of established rules and regulations, the student will be entitled to due process as defined under the various Minnesota statutes. The following basic procedures will be adhered to:
Students shall be informed of policies, rules, and regulations dealing with students’ rights and responsibilities. Parents/Guardians shall have the opportunity to be informed of policies, rules and regulations dealing with students’ rights and responsibilities.
  • Prior to implementation of corrective measures, students must be informed of the reason for such corrective measures either orally or in writing, depending on the severity of the case.
  • Students should be given the right to explain their version of an incident.
  • Parents/Guardians shall be informed of any behavior by the student that may result in formal disciplinary action and shall be informed of any corrective or disciplinary measures taken in accordance with state statutes, rules and regulations.
  • The extent of involvement of parents in a conference shall depend on the severity of the individual infraction and shall be decided by the principal.
  • Any action taken and the date it occurred shall be documented.
  • Alternative measures shall be considered as a possible means of bringing about behavioral change.
  • All decisions for disciplinary action may be based on one incident or may be based on several related incidents.

The staff and administration of Stillwater Area High School may use detention as a disciplinary intervention. Students not completing assigned detention may face consequences for insubordination. The consequences may include in-school suspension and/or other administrative consequences.
Intervention For Work Completion: Before and after school intervention may also be assigned for students who disregard classroom teacher’s expectation for assignment completion. There will be 24 hour notice given and students will be expected to serve. Parents will be asked to meet on school grounds to address academic concerns for student choosing to fail. Failure is not an action we allow students to choose. Therefore, we will expect parent/guardian and students to support work completion and communicate with classroom teacher should there be unique circumstances for failure to complete academic assignments.

False Reporting
Deliberately reporting false information about the behavior of a student or staff person is prohibited.

Pass Privilege
Students are to be in class during the academic day. If a student is to receive a pass, staff must issue a signed pass that is both safe and appropriate for students to carry to and from their destination. Sign out sheets can be placed at the door to assist in keeping careful and accurate records.

Public Displays of Affection
There is a proper place and time for displaying physical affection. Students are expected to refrain from intimate behavior including kissing, embracing, intimate touching, sexual intercourse, whether consenting or not, and other inappropriate contact in the halls, classrooms or school grounds. Staff may correct students if their behavior is not acceptable. Students are encouraged to accept redirection in a constructive manner in an effort to maintain a proper, respectful and educational atmosphere for all students and employees in the building. Disciplinary action and police involvement may be pursued in cases of severe and/or inappropriate conduct.

Records or Identification Falsification
Falsifying signatures or data, misrepresenting identity or forging notes is prohibited. Police will be informed by school officials should there appear to be a required report of concern for the education and or welfare of the child.

Student Attire
The appearance of a high school student is primarily the responsibility of the individual and the parent/guardian. Students are expected to maintain an appearance that is neither distracting nor disruptive to the educational process. Student attire, or lack thereof, must comply with generally accepted standards of health and safety.
Attire with obscene, sexually suggestive language, obscene pictures, weapons or discriminatory reference to anyone’s race, religion or sexual orientation is not permitted. Attire that advertises/depicts tobacco, drug or alcohol use is also not permitted. When a student’s appearance violates these guidelines, the student will be required to modify his/her attire; additional consequences may be imposed. (Note: Teachers may have a “no hat” classroom rule.) Students are expected to adhere to individual classroom teacher guidelines regarding student attire. Students who represent themselves as a school-related group, and who wish to design a t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc… must have their design approved by a school administrator or they may be dismissed to change clothing.

Student ID Card and Staff ID
Each student is issued a Student ID that includes a picture and other identification data. Student ID cards should be carried at all times while on school grounds or when attending a school activity. With a student population of our size, staff members cannot know all students by name. Due to safety and security concerns, students are to correctly identify themselves when asked by a staff member. Fees may be required to replace lost identification. Students who fail to take a photo may have their photo taken to allow an ID to be created for the purpose of identification within the school. ID may be confiscated at time of investigation and will be returned by respective administrator Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action. All staff members are required to wear identification badges while on campus and, therefore, should be readily identifiable by students. See staff in the main office if you need an ID.

Tennessen Warning
The Tennessen Warning states that an agency or institution can request individuals to supply confidential or private information concerning them. The warning must include:
  • Why the data is being collected from them and how the school intends to use it.
  • Whether the individual may refuse or is legally required to supply the data.
  • Any consequence to the individual of either supplying or refusing to supply the data.
  • The identity of other persons or entities authorized by law to receive the data.