SAHS Student Activities

Co-Curricular Activities
Stillwater Area High School offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities in fine arts, athletics, clubs and academics. These activities offer students an opportunity to improve their skills in leadership, cooperation, and initiative, and they allow students experiences not possible in the classroom. Find a detailed explanation of the clubs and activities online at
All athletes must have a physical, parent permission and eligibility form on file in the Activities Office at the High School. A physical form must be filed once every three years. Most incoming sophomores will need a physical at the start of their sophomore year. In addition, the participation fee must be paid. All forms must be in the Athletic Office three days before the student may compete in an interscholastic competition. Cost for participation on an athletic team is posted on the website. Registration is still necessary to participate. Students not able to pay the participation fees may receive a fee reduction or a fee waiver. Requests for reduced or waived fees should be made to the Activities Director, Stillwater Area High School at 651.351.8001.
Note: All Minnesota High School League Rules apply for conduct and behavior. Consequences will be applied according to MSHL and administrative designee.
Homecoming Events
Homecoming is a time to honor Stillwater Area High School students and community members, both past and present. Student and staff participation is welcome and school-wide spirit is encouraged. Students may be removed from homecoming events as a disciplinary action. Students who are elected as homecoming court are allowed to choose if they want to assume the role. If accepted, they will be expected to serve as role models for others in our district. Accordingly, certain privileges and honors will be bestowed upon the homecoming court should they accept the honor and responsibility to uphold the student code of conduct. Alumni and community members are encouraged to attend after school events and activities during homecoming.
School Assemblies and School-Sponsored Events
Assemblies, pep fests, and other school-sponsored events are scheduled throughout the year. All students are to attend these events. Students are expected to demonstrate polite, respectful behavior and adhere to the code of conduct as outlined in the District 834 Discipline Student Policy. Pep fests are held to build school spirit and recognize the contributions of students who represent our school in athletics, academics and activities. It is an opportunity for Stillwater Area High School students to demonstrate unity and support for their fellow classmates in all grades. Pride in one’s grade, in one’s school and in one’s classmates is encouraged and expected. Pony Pride should be demonstrated by celebrating the accomplishments and goals of those who are being recognized, not by putting down others.