SAHS Student Schedules

Purposeful Scheduling

All students are challenged to take the most rigorous path in their courses at Stillwater Area High School. We believe in purposeful acceleration when a student needs academic challenge beyond the regular course pathway. These accelerated courses include, but are not limited to: Advanced Placement, College in the Schools, Project Lead the Way and Independent Study. We also believe that all students must graduate from Stillwater Area High School with the knowledge and skills to be successful in our society. For students who may be below grade level in literacy and numeracy, remedial courses may be placed in the student’s schedule.

Schedule Errors
Please know your initial registration is intended to be final. Please make every effort to select the courses you want to take for the year. Class changes will be made for the following reasons only: 1) computer error and/or 2) inappropriate academic placement. Student and Parent/Guardian are reminded that the signed registration form acknowledges the schedule error procedure. Schedule errors will be corrected prior to the beginning of each semester. Schedule corrections will not occur without careful consideration the above criteria and in regard to the impact on a student’s state and district graduation requirements.
Course Changes
Course changes to accommodate personal preference for specific teacher, period, or lunch cannot be honored. If you have a concern with a teacher, please visit with that teacher first. If the situation remains unresolved, see your student’s administrator.