SAHS Participating in Graduation Ceremony

In an effort to reflect a high standard for all learners, graduating students from Stillwater Area High School must earn the 43 required credits prior to participate and walk in the graduation ceremony. Additionally, the Stillwater Area High School graduation ceremony is a privilege honored only when completion of credit expectations is finalized. Administration reserves the right to revoke this privilege for students who demonstrate inappropriate behaviors that may endanger others or detract from the tradition of a very formal and respected graduation ceremony.
Students are expected to earn the required 43 credits in required Stillwater Area High School credit areas per District 834 credit requirements. This credit requirement may be greater than the state minimum as the opportunity to earn a Stillwater Area High School diploma warrants a rigorous academic program for all learners.
Special Education students who are supported by their team may graduate on IEP goals. These students will receive a unique transcript for graduating on goals of their IEP. Plans for students graduating on goals will include being given a Stillwater Area High School diploma upon conclusion of their educational program. Participation in the ceremony may be determined by the IEP team and is exclusively offered when cognitive disability and IEP goals align to support the privilege of participating in graduation while continuing on with educational support per a student’s IEP.