SAHS Parking

Parking Lot
Access and availability of the parking lot is a privilege for students. Please respect all district policies including but not limited to the safety of all of our students. Illegal items, gang symbols or markings deemed to be a symbol of hatred may be a violation of school policy and will result in discipline including forfeiture of the right to park on campus.
Parking Lot Access
Please use the 58th street entrance off of Stillwater Boulevard for campus access. All other entries are closed during school hours. All visitors must enter through the main entrance and report to the receptionist. Please pre-arrange visits with staff prior to entry.
Parking Lot Security
The parking lot is patrolled consistently throughout the school day by security.
Parking Rights and Responsibilities 
There is a first come, first serve process for granting a set number of yearly and daily permits. Additionally, students are required to complete an online exam to demonstrate knowledge of the responsibilities for this privilege. Students who desire to take advantage of the privilege must abide by all State of Minnesota, City of Oak Park Heights, and Stillwater Area High School regulations.
Students drive and park on campus at their own risk. Any accident that occurs on campus should be reported to the school police liaison officer. District #834 and Stillwater Area High School are not responsible for vandalism, injury, theft or damage to vehicles or items in the school parking lot. Vehicles should be locked and valuables should not be left in cars. Any vehicle parked on campus may be subject to search by a school administrator in conjunction with a law enforcement officer in instances where the school official determines there is reasonable suspicion that a school regulation, city or state law has been violated.
The number of requests for parking permits exceeds the space available; therefore, we cannot guarantee a parking permit for every student who requests one. If a student has purchased a permit to park on campus, there will be space available and the remainder will go on a waiting list. All vehicles driven to school must be registered with the school in the Main Office. If a student forgets their parking permit for the day, a temporary permit must be obtained from the Main Office for that day.
Students whose academic program necessitates self transportation off campus, such as OJT, PSEO, and 916 courses, will receive priority when purchasing a parking permit. Seniors and juniors will receive priority when purchasing a parking permit. Sophomores who have a valid driver’s license will be able to pre-register for a parking permit and will receive the permit after all seniors and junior requests have been made.
Seasonal parking permits will be sold based on a student’s participation in one of the school’s extra curricular activities. Limited seasonal permits will be available at the beginning of each season. Please see activities office for seasonal permits.
Single/Annual Permit
Students may purchase an annual, single permit for the Red Lot ($250), Black Lot ($200), or Gray Lot ($175) to be used with the same driver and the same vehicle all year.
Car Pool Permit
Students who wish to carpool to school may purchase a permit for a designated lot that can be used by multiple drivers and vehicles, but only once per day.
Half Year or Half Day Permit
Students who attend school for less than 3 periods per day may purchase a permit for a prorated price. Students may also purchase a 2nd semester parking permit for $125 if permits are still available in January.
Daily Permits
A daily permit is available to students who do not have an annual or carpool permit, but may need to drive to school on a specific day because of an appointment scheduled during the school day or a meeting with a teacher before or after school. These permits must be purchased at least one day in advance for $5. A limited amount of daily permits will be available.
Purchasing the Permit
Cash or check is accepted as valid payment for the parking permit. Additionally, credit or debit cards can be used via FeePay which can be found on the SAHS website. Permits may not be purchased until the student has viewed the Student Parking information and Regulations presentation and completed the Parking Registration Form.
Students who purchase an annual permit, but discontinue driving to school during the year, may receive a refund by returning their permit. Students turning in their permit before the final two months of school will receive a prorated refund. No refund will be issued for permits returned during the final two months of school.
Permits may not be transferred from one student to another nor sold to another student.
A $50 replacement fee will is charged for lost/stolen permits.
NOTE: All vehicles parked on campus must have a permit displayed and each vehicle must be registered in the Main Office.
● All current parking permits must be displayed in the vehicle’s rear view mirror.
● Permits may only be displayed on vehicles registered under that permit number - no transfer of permits.
● All student vehicles parked on campus must be parked in student parking areas only and must be properly parked within lined spaces. DO NOT park in visitors, staff, driving lanes, sidewalks, grassy areas, et al as consequences apply including fines and revocation of permits, boots and towing.
● Park in designated lot only.
● Students will be expected to navigate the parking lot in a safe manner, following directions of security, using cross areas, and refraining from cell phone use while driving and walking between vehicle and building.
● The posted speed on campus is 10 MPH.
● No careless driving. See Minnesota Motor Vehicle Code 169.13: Subdivision 1.
● All rules governing student conduct also apply to student behavior in the parking lot.
● All students leaving early must be prepared to show a pass to leave the building to the security guard.
● No snowmobiles allowed on school grounds as a safety precaution.
● The rear entrance where buses transport students is only for school-approved vehicles during bus transport and pick up. 4 Regulations (cont.) NOTE: All vehicles parked on campus must have a permit displayed and each vehicle must be registered in the Main Office.
● Students driving and park on campus at their own risk. Any accident should be reported to the school administration or to the School Resource Officer.
● Independent School District 834 is not responsible for vandalism, injury or theft of items in the school parking lots. Drivers should lock motor vehicles when parked at SAHS.
● Vehicle Searches: All vehicles parked on school property are subject to search by school administration and law enforcement if school officials determine that there is a reasonable suspicion that a school regulation or law has been violated. Anything in the student’s vehicle is understood to belong to that student. Students with contraband and/or inappropriate items in their vehicles may be subject to additional school consequences per district policy.
● The permit holder is totally responsible for the vehicle in which the permit is hanging and MUST BE either the driver or a passenger in the vehicle. The permit holder is responsible for the behavior of everyone in the car even if he/she is not present.
● Permits are not transferable and may not be resold, forged, altered, or tampered with in any way.
● Students are not allowed to loiter in or around vehicles once they are on school property. Once the vehicle is parked, students must immediately EXIT the vehicle and enter the school building.
● Students are required to identify themselves and the occupants of their vehicles when requested to do so by school district personnel.
5 Please be aware of the following NO PARKING AREAS:
● Bus parking lot
● Fire lanes and/or hydrants
● Designated Clinic parking directly behind door 21 S.
● 58th St. N., Memorial Blvd. N., and 55th St. N.
● City streets in the area of the high school are no parking areas
● Oak Park Ponds Shopping area; this includes the United Properties, Kowalski’s, and St. Croix Cleaners. TOWING IS ENFORCED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE!
Any student leaving campus during the school day must sign out and submit a pass to the outside security guard. A student may not leave campus without the proper pass. Students may not transport other students off campus who do not have a pass to leave.
Administration reserves the right to revoke parking permits without refund at any time as a consequence for discipline issues. If a student is to maintain the privilege of parking on campus, the above regulations must be followed at all times.
If a student violates the above regulations, the following consequences will be imposed:
● First Offense: Written warning on windshield.
● Second Offense: Boot placed on vehicle*, meeting with AP, and loss of parking permit for 5-10 days.
● Third Offense: Boot placed on vehicle*, meeting with AP, possible loss of parking privileges for rest of school year with no refund.
*Fine of $20 for removal of boot.
Students whose parking privileges are revoked and who bring their vehicle on campus may have it towed at the owner’s expense. The school reserves the right to fine in $20 increments and may boot or tow any vehicle in violation of any parking regulation. The boot fee is $20 and may require your vehicle to remain overnight should the vehicle violate any parking rules and expectations.
Pay attention and see main office staff should you be given any notice on your vehicle. The student under whom the vehicle is registered will be held accountable for that vehicle’s use, regardless of who is driving the vehicle. 
Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Parents/guardians or others who provide transportation for students to and from school are to drop students off in the circle area in front of the main entrance to the school. Drivers are to stay with their vehicles and not block fire lanes. Prior to 7:45, entrances off of Highway 5 and 58th street may be used. Between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 2:10 p.m., only the entrance off of 58th street is open. The area behind the school is for buses only between the hours of 7 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Please remember, this area is a pick-up/drop-off area for students and only school approved vehicles should be in the drop off lot.