SAHS Academic Options






Advanced Placement

  • College-level course taught in high school
  • More rigorous coursework
  • Offered through College Board
  • May earn college credit
  • Challenges students
  • Weighted grading


  • Must take AP test and get a score of 3 or higher for possible college credit
  • Requires above average reading, writing, math skills


Advancement Via Individual Determination

  • Provides support for under-represented students to be college ready
  • Helps motivated students to improve academic performance
  • Assists students in developing academic skills suitable for college
  • Students work towards college readiness
  • Structured support during the day via the AVID Elective class
  • Access to college visits and college student tutors
  • Students must meet the AVID criteria
  • Students must have desire to be in AVID
  • Students will experience a screening process 

Dual Credit Articulation Program

  • Business, Technology Ed. and Music courses designed with Century College
  • May earn college credit through Century College
  • Gain experience and knowledge for potential job/career
  • Verify that credits will transfer to college of choice
  • Provide articulated credit certificate to accepting colleges during registration


College in the Schools

  • College curriculum (U of M) or Century
  • More rigorous coursework
  • Taught in high school
  • Offered to juniors/seniors
  • May earn college credit
  • Weighted grading
  • Experience pace, academic standards and personal responsibility required for success in college
  • Recommended for academically-strong students
  • Must earn C or better for college credit


Credit Recovery

  • Designed for students who must recover credits to graduate
  • Online Edgenuity
  • Allows students to maintain status and graduate with class
  • Pass/No Pass grading
  • Courses offered are for recovery only, not for original credit

Independent Study Projects

  • Design a study project in an academic area of interest
  • Study topic is student’s responsibility
  • No course offered in curriculum
  • Provides greater opportunities for highly motivated students to progress beyond the scope of standard course offerings
  • Recommended for highly motivated, academically strong students
  • Requires approval of supervising teacher or counselor

Northeast Metro 916

Intermediate School District 916

  • Offers courses for juniors and seniors to explore careers in business, health, public service, and technology
  • Get brochure from Counseling Office
  • Integrates academic learning with technical education
  • District provides transportation to program
  • Application required




  • Taught by licensed teachers trained to provide online instruction
  • Approved by Minnesota Dept. of Education (MDE)
  • Provides same student-centered curriculum as on campus but is online
  • Contact Counseling Office for more information



Post Secondary Enrollment Options

  • Lets Minnesota juniors/seniors to enroll at participating colleges with tuition, books, fees paid by state of Minnesota
  • Earn credit towards graduation
  • Earn college credit at any college where PSEO coursework is taken
  • PSEO credit may transfer
  • Must provide own transportation
  • Discuss option with your counselor
  • PSEO grades are not weighted


Project Lead the Way


  • College-level course taught in high school
  • Requires above average reading, writing, math skills
  • Offered through Project Lead the Way
  • May earn college credit
  • Challenges students
  • Weighted grading
  • Must take Project Lead the Way test and get a score of 80% or higher for possible college credit


Credit by Assessment

  • Gain credit on a performance bases assessment
  • Test represents content included in subject coursework
  • Tests knowledge student already possesses
  • Successful test-out gives students more schedule options
  • Can’t test out of course student has taken already
  • Contact Counseling Office for application