SAHS Academic Integrity

All work submitted for credit in any class is expected to be the original work of the student submitting the work. If the submitted work is not the original effort of the student and/or if the words and ideas of other sources are not properly credited, the student may be guilty of plagiarism.
Students who allow their work to be copied (along with the other students involved) may be penalized. Penalties may include loss of credit for the assignment, parent conference, suspension from school, academic/cognitive skill activity, and/or removal from the class. Administration will have final authority in referrals for cheating or plagiarism.
Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to their teacher’s procedure and policy regarding this issue.
Cheating is defined as any situation in which a student:
  • Copies another student’s work with or without his/her permission;
  • Copies answers from another student’s test, quiz; or exam;
  • Copies and enhances work which is not their own original product;
  • Forwards or transmits work electronically that is pertinent to a test, quiz or class activity.
  • Submits work which is not their own;
  • Is responsible for or participates in the transference of confidential information (e.g. test answers or test/quiz copies) from one class to another;
  • Brings to a testing situation, without authorization, written information that is pertinent to a test, quiz or class activity.
  • Plagiarism is defined as the borrowing or restating of another’s work or ideas and claiming them as one’s own. Ask yourself the following questions to assure you are not plagiarizing:
    • Have I copied, word for word, all or part of another writer’s work without giving specific credit to that other writer and using quotation marks?
    • Have I copied the work of another writer, artist, or other, making changes here and there, but retaining the main ideas, thought and/or structure?
    • In the case of fiction, have I used a plot invented by another writer, even though telling the story in one’s own words?