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Attendance I Tardies and Truancy

All reasonable efforts should be made by families to ensure that students are in school each and every student contact day. Accurate attendance is a student's responsibility. Students questioning accuracy may verify accurate attendance by checking with their respective classroom teacher on initial concerns in a timely manner. If there appears to be an error, the classroom teacher may contact the attendance office (within 24 hours) or the student's Pony Center to validate or clear the record and avoid any errors. All students must sign in/out. Students who do not follow proper procedure may not be excused. Click here for examples of excused and unexcused absences.

Procedure for Reporting an Absence: To report any absence before the start of the school day go to Skyward Family Access (see instructions and be sure you are signed in as the parent and NOT the student)Failure to notify the school will result in a phone call from the school to check on the location of your child.

Partial Day Absence:
Students who arrive late or need to leave school early should bring a note to the attendance office first thing in the morning (for early release) or immediately upon arrival to school. Notes must contain the following information:

  • Grade
  • Date
  • Student's full name (first and last)
  • Specific reason for absence
  • Your relationship to the student
  • Phone number where you can be reached

If you are unable to send a note, call 651.351.8011 a minimum of two hours prior to time of early dismissal. Please leave the same information as stated above. Students are to come to the attendance office to receive their permit to leave the building.

Please note: Calls made to the Attendance Secretary (351.8011) between 11:20 a.m.-1:30 p.m. will go directly to voice mail. Every effort will be made to check messages during this time. If this is an emergency and you need an immediate response please call the Main Office secretary at 351.8040 or your student's Pony Center.

Planned Absences:
To make arrangements for a planned absence, the student and parent/guardians must follow these procedures:

  • Parent/Guardian notifies the pony center secretary and the student's teachers (via email) of the dates and the reason for the upcoming planned absence.
  • One week prior notice is recommended.
  • Student initiates discussion with each teacher regarding assignments, activities, tests, etc. that will be missed and creates a plan for completion of all requirements.  
  • It is the student's responsibility to complete required activities, classroom assignments, tests and quizzes within two (2) school days for each day absent unless other arrangements are made with individual classroom teachers.
  • Students are expected to make up instructional work before school, after school, or during the class for which the work is required. 
  • Students will not be excused for time missed in a class while making up work for another class. 

Tardies and Truancy
Students who arrive 10 minutes late will be marked absent.

According to Minnesota law, compulsory attendance includes 15-17 year olds students. A student who reaches seven unexcused absences (either full or partial days) is in violation of the Minnesota Compulsory Attendance Law. Students in violation of this law may be referred to Washington County as early as the third (3rd) unexcused absence. Once referred, students and their parents are expected to attend an Attendance is Mandatory (AIM) meeting as assigned by the county. Those attending the AIM meeting are eligible for diversion in lieu of truancy court.

A student is considered truant when s/he is absent unexcused from one or more classes. Phone calls to parents are made the evening of any unexcused absence by the auto caller. This will be your first notification. Send your child to the center the following morning. Our families with blocked calls are to proactively seek information from their child's student center as the school cannot bypass the blocked call system. After the seventh unexcused absence during a school year, a truancy petition may be filed with Washington County.

Examples of Excused and Unexcused Absences

Click to view some examples of what are considered excused and unexcused absences.