Class of 2020 Yearbook Portraits

Schedule your photo appointment with Countryside Photo

NEW ONLINE SCHEDULING - Use the below link to schedule your free 10-minute yearbook photo time for June and July. **Fees apply starting August 1**

If you have questions please review all of the information below, or please email Countryside Photo prior to calling in.

There is a small fee when calling to schedule a June and July appointment (see below) rather than scheduling online.

Time slots begin June 1 and are held Tuesday-Friday between 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. at Countryside Photo.

Appointments in August and September have a fee; these are $25 for appointments from August 1-15 and a fee of $45 from August 15-September 15th.

If you want to schedule the yearbook and senior portraits please see the letter for details and call Countryside Photo for help.

All yearbook images must be photographed by September 15.

Please call Countryside Photo at 651.494.4445 with questions.


Additional information is also on this link:


On-Line Scheduling 24/7:

Required information:

Your name: first, last

Your cell phone number, your email address

Parent's name, phone and email address

Contact Countryside Photo at email address:

Countryside Photo is located near the Lake Elmo Airport and is the official contracted photographer for the class of 2020.

We are a completely digital yearbook and Countryside Photo is the best choice for digital technology and school activity support.

Please adhere to the above deadlines and remember that appointments do schedule out, on average, three to four weeks. The images are needed early by the yearbook staff in order to make the yearbook publisher’s deadline. Failure to adhere to the yearbook and photographer’s deadlines will result in a full price session fee plus a RUSH fee of $25 from Countryside Photo for any photo session scheduled after September 15. Waiting until after October 1 may result in your image not appearing in the yearbook.