Schools closed, Distance learning through May 4

The Governor has ordered all Minnesota schools to remain closed with distance learning in place from March 30 through May 4 to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Counseling & College/Career Center

Jennifer Prestegaard (A-B)

Krista Koenen (C-Fal)

Becky Hopper (Fam-Hic)

Sandra Weaver (Hid-Lam)

Kristina King (Lan-M)

Jesse Davis (N-Rod)

Liz Nelson (Roe-S)

Dan Ralston (T-Z)

Amy Carr - College & Career Center

Tess Radecke - Registrar
fax 651.351.8049


Stillwater Area High School Guidance and Counseling Mission Statement:

To ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve academic, personal/social and career success to each student's fullest potential.

Counselors provide a comprehensive counseling model which serves to assist students in the following areas:

  • Transition to high school
  • Educational Planning (updates to 6 year plan)
  • Post High Planning
  • Career Development
  • Personal/social development (support and counseling)
  • Communication with staff and parents per individual student academic needs
  • Referral to in-school and community resources
  • College and Career Center resources
  • Academic Assessments

Each student and family works with the same counselor during their four years of high school. Please call the appropriate student center administrative assistants to make an appointment.

     RED PONY CENTER (students A-Fal)
     Nina Geiser 651.351.8021

     GRAY PONY CENTER (students Fam-Lam)
     Shelly Enhelder 651.351.8039

     WHITE PONY CENTER (students Lan-Rod)
     Donna Kenny 651.351.8010

     BLACK PONY CENTER (students Roe-Z)
     Jody Jordan 651.351.8002 

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