Yearbook - Kabekonian

Our yearbook, called the Kabekonian, was founded in 1916. Kabekonian is an Ojibwe word that translates to "the end of the trail." There is a legend in Ojibwe that tells about how the Ojibwe came to be in this area and that they decided the end of the line would be "by the still waters." Throughout the years, the Kabekonian has been an award winning yearbook and in 2015 it took 2nd Place Best of Show at the state Journalism Convention.

Students enrolled in the Yearbook class produce the Stillwater Area High School yearbook. This club meets every day during the 6th hour Yearbook Class in Room B114 and various days after school or evenings as needed. There is no fee to be involved. Students who are not in Yearbook Class but are still interested in contributing to the production of the Kabekonian may contact Ms. Hansen directly.

SAHS students are asked to submit short stories, artwork, poems, etc. to the Kabekonian staff for to be considered for inclusion in the school's literary arts magazine, The Stylus, an insert to the yearbook. Yearbooks are available for purchase in the fall and are distributed to students during the first week of June.

Meeting Days: Every day during Yearbook Class

Advisor: Ms. Hansen, Language Arts Teacher,, 651.351.8128