Industrial Tech

Students may register for one or two semesters of IT courses. Part A is a pre-requisite for ALL Part B courses. Students are responsible for the costs of projects they complete beyond the minimum requirements of the course.

Course #  Course NameGradesPrerequisiteSemester 
I520Electronics 9-12None1
I592How to Build (Almost) Anything10-12None1
Metals Technology I A & B9-12None1/sem
Metals Technology II A & B10-12Metals Tech I1/sem
Metals Technology III A & B11-12Metals Tech II1/sem
Metals Technology Projects and Repair I & II  11-12Metals Tech IA1/sem
Woodworking I A & B9-12None1/sem
Woodworking II A & B10-12Woodworking IA & IB1/sem
Woodworking III Construction A & B11-12Woodworking IIA & IIB1/sem


This course is for students who are interested in electricity and electronics as a hobby or career. It is a sequence course which provides a background in basic electricity/electronics fundamentals. Using computer assisted instruction, students work together to master the basics. A hands-on approach, students learn how generators, motors, robots, and lasers work. Learn how to properly use test instruments to observe, measure and repair electrical circuits. Students will also wire model walls with typical house wiring circuits. Laboratory experiments deal with energy sources, series and parallel circuits, and the basic components used in electronic systems. A portion of class time is devoted to project construction and repair techniques. During this time, students have the opportunity to build projects that may include: small robots, strobe lights, amplifiers, and other projects of interest.  

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How to Build (Almost) Anything

An introduction to using FAB LAB equipment. This course provides a hands- on introduction to the resources for designing and fabricating smart systems. It puts emphasis on learning how to use the tools and understand how they work. Through design and problem solving activities students will learn about CAD/CAM/CAE; NC machining, 3-D printing, injection molding, laser cutting; PCB layout and fabrication; sensors and actuators; analog instrumentation; embedded digital processing; wired and wireless communications.

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Metals Technology I A & B

This is an introductory course designed for students who have a general interest in technology or metalworking processes. Instruction is lab based and focuses on welding, machining and computer controlled machining. Students are assigned tasks that help them understand these processes and develop basic skills in this area.

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Metals Technology II A & B

This course is intended to develop skills learned in Metals Technology I. Instruction is project based with students choosing several of the assignments. Topics include: operations in traditional machining and computer controlled machining as well as arc and wire welding.

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Metals Technology III A & B

This course is designed for the student who is truly interested in the metalworking field as a vocation or wishes to increase the skills learned in Metals Technology I and II. The student is assigned to the appropriate level of instruction based on previous experience. A higher level of skill is developed in this course.

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Metals Technology Projects and Repair I &II

This course is project based where students build or repair items of their choice. Students should enter the class with an idea or project in mind. Students can bring in equipment or recreational vehicles for improvement or repair. Lab facilities are limited.

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Woodworking I A & B

This basic course provides students experience in cabinetry work. It combines text- book materials with hand and machine skills needed to construct items from wood.

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Woodworking II A & B

This course builds on the knowledge and skills learned in Woodworking I. Focuses on learning various techniques by constructing a project of the student’s choice. Will provide exceptional experiences for construction/engineering college programs and technical programs.

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Woodworking III Construction A & B

This course focuses on advanced wood- working techniques as well as general construction topics. Instruction includes constructing a woodworking project of the student’s choice. General construction top- ics covered are: framing, surveying, plumbing, finish carpentry, forms, and foundations. This course is excellent for students interested in college or technical programs in the area of construction.

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