The Health education department provides instruction and resources surrounding the mental, emotional, social and physical aspects of health. The curriculum covers topics including character building, mental health, nutrition, CPR, human growth and relationships, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Our Health staff emphasizes health as it relates to a student’s personal growth and development. Students participate in activities where they collaborate, reflect and refine their own personal beliefs surrounding their health and the health of others.

An online Health education credit option is available. 

Course #  Course NameGradesPrerequisiteSemester 
HOL510Online Health*9-12None1

 *In addition to your regular school day or during the summer.  


Health education is a standards based and skills based course that is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to be lead healthy lifestyles.  Health literate people are able to address their own health needs along with the needs of others. They are able to obtain and apply knowledge and skills to enhance their own health and the health of others — both now and in the future as their needs change throughout their lives. Topics covered in this course include character development, skills to maintain and develop mental/emotional health, social health, and physical health, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, cpr/first aid/aed training, and relationships, and human growth and development.


Online Health

Stillwater Area High School offers an online standards based health course that is in a flexible format. Students will have a mix of face-to-face contacts with their online instructor and complete individual online coursework. This course will satisfy the health requirement for graduation. Students may start this course any month of the year. This course is taken in addition to your regular school day or during the summer.

Please contact the instructor for enrollment or any questions at