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Course #  Course NameGradesPrerequisiteSemester 
N900CIS Exploring the Teaching Profession I & II11-12None2

CIS Exploring the Teaching Profession I & II

These courses provide an opportunity for students to explore teaching as a profession. For College in the Schools (CIS) students, the courses provide a deep look into the realm of teaching as career exploration. Students will explore and respond to the question, "Why teach?" In doing so, they examine their own interests in teaching while taking a close look at the multiple factors (social, historical, political) that shape schools today. Students will volunteer in area schools in a service-learning capacity, attend class, make presentations, write reflective papers and blog posts in response to assignments, participate in discussions, and engage in small group learning activities. Service-learning experiences are central to learning and along with course readings, provide the basis for discussion and reflection. Field day participation is required to provide CIS students with an opportunity to visit a university campus.