Computer Science

SAHS’s Computer Science courses provide students with a range of opportunities spanning from beginning computer science principles to AP Computer Science. To best prepare them, our coursework is aligned with ISTE Standards and looks to provide students a hands-on approach to 21st Century Learning and Innovation. Students are asked to demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes. They will learn the importance of and practice relevant communication and collaboration skills. Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making are not only encouraged but the very foundation of what we do. While implementing these strategies, students will consider the human, cultural and societal issues related to technology while practicing legal and ethical behavior. Finally, students will be taught a variety of technology concepts, systems and operations so they are better positioned to apply these skills after graduation.

Course #

Course NameGradesPrerequisiteSemester Credits



Geometry with Computer Science A & B 9-12Algebra or Algebra with Quads2


AP Computer Science Principles 9-12Algebra or Algebra with Quads2


AP Computer Science A & B9-12Algebra 2 (C- or better)2



Computer Science Advanced Topics A & B 11-12AP Computer Science A2

Geometry with Computer Science A & B

This course will cover all topics in the Geometry A & B course description.  In addition it will also introduce students to basic concepts of Computer Science including conditionals, loops, and syntax.  This class will mostly use a block coding language created by MIT entitled Scratch.  Students will use computational thinking to demonstrate knowledge of Geometry skills through coding projects and activities.  Students will be engaged through inquiry-based, team-based, and gamified approaches to learning.  Students will also be asked to self-reflect and be self-advocates for their own learning.

*This is an alternative course to Geometry A & B and will provide the graduation required Geometry credits.

AP Computer Science Principles A & B

AP Computer Science Principles is an introductory computer science course that introduces students to the creative aspects of programming, problem-solving, computational thinking, abstractions, algorithms, societal impacts, the Internet, big data, cybersecurity, and more.  This course teaches the real-world applications of computer science and provides students the opportunity to build relevant solutions and artifacts.
Absolutely no coding experience necessary!  If you're creative, innovative, reflective, curious, and want to be better prepared for a future in ANY field or career, this course is for you!  Don't let the AP scare you!  This class is for everyone!
Students will earn a weighted grade for this course and have the option to take the AP exam in May. 

AP Computer Science A & B

AP Computer Science includes course content and strategies aligned with AP College Board standards.  No prior knowledge of coding is needed.  This course is intended for beginner students ranging to students with a potential for a Computer Science major. Topics include: simple, user defined and structured data types, algorithm development, decisions and loops, arrays, recursion, searches and sorts, data abstraction, and classes. Instruction includes preparation for the AP Computer Science Exam in May. Students may explore real-life examples of how computer science is more than just programming.  All students are encouraged to take the AP exam. This course will count as math credit at Stillwater Area High School.  This course may also be counted as a math credit at some post-secondary institutions--check with these institutions for confirmation.

Computer Science Advanced Topics A & B

This course will explore and deepen understanding of programming and computer science.  It will build upon the skills learned in AP Computer Science A.  Students will learn complex coding algorithms, assist and teach other students learning how to program, learn a second programming language in addition to Java, earn an official certification from Google for fixing Chromebooks, and using coding in robotics.