“We learn not for school but for life” is more than just our school motto. It’s our mission to help prepare students for a meaningful and enjoyable life beyond Stillwater Area High School.

We know students learn best when they are learning about things that interest them, and that they perform better when they can see the connection between the classroom and the real world.

We provide students with a strong, rigorous foundation in the core academic areas of language arts, mathematics, physical education and health, science, social studies and the fine arts. In addition, our Pathways & Possibilities program helps students better understand their career options, get hands-on experience in a variety of areas and leave high school with marketable experiences. 

Explore all of our course options below:

Core Courses

Planning to graduate from Stillwater Area High School? You'll need to meet the graduation requirements by successfully completing courses listed here.

Universal Electives

Universal electives are more general courses that could fit into a variety of different pathways, including world languages and AVID.

Arts & Communication Pathway

Do you love to express yourself or showcase your talents? Check out the Arts & Communication Pathway!

Business Pathway

Were you the kid who sold lemonade or mowed lawns every summer? Take a look at our Business Pathway.

Health Sciences & Human Services Pathway

Are you passionate about helping others? Check out the Health Sciences & Human Services Pathway.

STEM & Environment Pathway

Curious about how things work? Don’t want to sit at a desk all day? Check out our STEM & Environment Pathway.

English Learners

Our English Learner (EL) program offers a variety of classes and services for students who need help in learning and becoming fluent in English.

Special Services

Special Education services are provided students who meet the Minnesota eligibility criteria of a student with a disability.