Rutherford Pick-up/Drop-off Procedures

Kids walking to school


Driver Procedures:

• All students transported by private vehicles at the end of the day will be picked up through the car pool line unless other arrangements are made with the front office staff where the student must be signed out by a parent/guardian.

• Drivers will enter the main lot at the first driveway and follow the perimeter of the parking lot, winding back towards the north side of building to load.  

• Loading will be in front of the basketball courts along the sidewalk.

• Car pool vehicles must use the main lot.  Do not park along the north side of the building or east by the buses.

• The cars will be loaded by patrol students and teachers.

• Drivers should have a student name card in the passenger side window. (Cards are available in the main office or from adult supervisors.)

• Follow the directions of the student patrols and staff supervisor, who will direct your vehicle to the loading area. Follow the directions of the student patrols and staff supervisor, who will direct your vehicle to the loading area, do not stop wherever you want or when you see your child.

• Drivers should stay in their cars. The school patrol or school personnel will open doors and make sure your child is safely in the car before you pull out. This will keep traffic flowing more quickly.

• To exit after pick-up, proceed to the turn-around area, following the directions of the adult supervisors.  Be prepared to stop and give the right-away to school buses, and watch for cars that may be pulling out behind you to exit.

• Please have your child put on their seat belt as you are exiting. This will keep traffic flowing more quickly. If for some reason you need to stop, please leave the exit area to do so. A good place would be the tennis court area as you leave the circle entering Rutherford.

• Cell phones can be a driver distraction. Please be fully present when picking up your child.


Bridge (Walkers):


• All students who are walking must do just that (walk or ride bikes/scooters/rollerblades). They are not to be picked up by private vehicles across the bridge even during unpredictable weather. (If you are picking up your child in a private vehicle, you MUST go through the carpool line.)

This is a safety hazard for the students/patrols/parents/and other people in cars. If your walker needs to ride in a vehicle due to weather conditions, you must send your child’s teacher a signed/dated note to have them go to carpool for the day you need to pick them up in a car.

• Parents picking up their child can wait on either side of the bridge. They cannot come through the “walker” doors to get a child. If you must come in the building, students must be checked out by parent by going through the front door to the office.

• Parents cannot let students invite another student over after school unless it has been prearranged with the parents of the other student. Students must go home first so parents know where they are.