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Rutherford School is an exceptional learning environment!

Achievement and the Rutherford Program

Key Elements which drive the Rutherford Educational Program are:

  • Learning / Innovation / Creativity

Student achievement is a central theme at Rutherford.  State Standards, District Curriculum, and Creative Opportunities support a foundation for all students to meet academic success.

Relationships / Collaboration / Community Building

At Rutherford, we embrace the concept that positive relationships and collaboration are an integral component in providing instructional programs which accommodate all students.  Parents, teachers, students, staff and administration combine their efforts to strengthen teaching and learning for each individual student, through effective communication and positive relationships.

Technology / Arts

Technology initiatives play a positive role in enhancing student achievement at Rutherford.  We believe that improvement in student learning occurs, when technology is paired with high-quality instructional strategies.

International Peace Site

Dedicated as an International Peace Site in 1998, (the year Rutherford opened), our community has continued to uphold the overriding principles which drive an International Peace Site, including the creation of Peace Banners and Peace Celebrations.

We welcome your visit to Rutherford School where you will see first-hand, an exceptional learning environment!