Lily Lake Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures

Students walking into school

All parent drop-offs and pick-ups will take place in the FRONT of the school with bus arrivals and departures taking place in the BACK of the school. Pick-up students will wait for their ride in the front of our building and remain on the sidewalk until they see their ride. All vehicles are to pull ALL THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING OF THE LOOP. This ensures the vehicle line keeps moving and traffic jams are not as prevalent. When using the carpool, the expectation is that the driver always stays with the vehicle. If you want to personally walk your child into the building or get them at the end of the day, you need to park your car in the parking lot.

If you are planning to pick-up your child(ren) at the end of the day in the building, please have them meet you outside in front of the school. We ask that parents do not come to pick up their child(ren) until 3:10 PM. Please tell your child where you will meet them. We ask that you please respect the fact that school starts at 8:40 AM and does not end until 3:10 PM. If you need to meet with a teacher, please call or email to schedule an appointment. We want to make the most out of every day!