Animal Shelter Donation Drive

Hosted by Girl Scout Troop 55040
April 16, 2019

Girl Scout Troop 55040 is hosting an animal shelter donation drive from the 22nd to the 26th of April at Lake Elmo Elementary School. There will be plastic donation bins located in the office. Students are encouraged to participate by bringing in any of the items listed below:

  • Pet Food (Must be unopened and dropped off before expiration date)

  • Powdered laundry detergent

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • Baby food with meat (for sick cats)

  • Gentle leaders

  • Greenies pill pockets

  • Newspaper and shredded office paper (Must be long strips of shred, not small cross-strips)

  • Old blankets and towels

  • Clean plastic shopping bags

  • Canned tuna in water

  • Bleach and dish soap

  • Zip-lock baggies

  • Kongs (all sizes but especially the large ones)

The following can NOT be donated:

  • Homemade dog treats

  • Toner cartridges

  • Old computers and equipment (mice, keyboards, printers, monitors, etc)

  • Medications and medical supplies, including syringes

  • Flea sprays, powders, and foggers

  • Topical and oral pesticide products, including flea and tick products

  • Padded dog beds

  • Used dog treats and raw hides

  • Used litter boxes

  • Confetti shredded paper

  • Old clothing (shirts, socks, etc)

  • Comforters, pillows, pillow cases and sheets

  • Anything broken or has missing pieces

We thank you for your participation, and really look forward to seeing all of your donations! If your child has questions, feel free to ask your teacher!