About Lake Elmo Elementary

student working with a teacher at a table

Get To Know Lake Elmo

Lake Elmo is proud of its rich heritage of providing high-quality instruction to all of our students since 1918. The diversity of our student body makes Lake Elmo a unique place to grow and learn, and our talented staff have the ability to meet the needs of each child. As part of the Stillwater Area Public School District, our school is known for excellence and has a proud tradition of meeting the needs of all kids.

Lake Elmo School Community

Parents and kids, don't forget to be clipping and saving box tops from all you favorite General Mills products, and bring them to school. Lake Elmo School gets 10 cents for each Box Top we collect!

Special Education

At Lake Elmo Elementary School, special education students are taught in the 'least restrictive environment', which means that they remain in their general education classrooms with same-aged peers as much as possible.