BV Summer Reading Challenge

May 20, 2020

All Brookview students are encouraged to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge. The challenge is to read at least two hours per week. This includes children reading silently to themselves, reading to a sibling, and parents reading to their children. Find ways to make reading fun! Visit the library. Take a blanket to the park. Have books in the car. Let your child see you reading just for fun.

Keep track of the number of hours your child has read on the reading log. If your child exceeds 20 hours, you may track of the hours on a separate sheet of paper. 

All students who turn in their reading log in the fall will be recognized at an assembly and be eligible for a prize drawing. 

We hope each and every one of you has a wonderful summer full of reading! If you have any questions about the Summer Reading Challenge, please call the office at 651-275-2500.