Making things better with Buddy Benches

November 02, 2018
Andersen Buddy Bench
At Andersen School, we are fortunate to have two Buddy Benches for our students to use when in need. Students are encouraged to sit on the Buddy Bench when they might need a friend to play with, are having difficulties with others, are feeling blue about something, or are in conflict. Students who sit on the bench are giving a signal to others that something needs to be better or change. Other students can take this cue to help out in some way. The benches are special because they help to give a "voice" to those who might not be able to articulate what is happening to them.
The Buddy Benches were a part of an Eagle Scout project completed by Carson Humphrey. He was able to put benches at both Andersen School and Oak Park School. Carson chose these schools because he attended Oak Park as an elementary student, and his mom is a 5th Grade teacher at Andersen. He earned his Eagle Scout Award in June 2017.