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historic Andersen school
historic Andersen school

The first school district organized in Bayport was District Number Three in 1854. Joe Miner was the Director, Joe Bonin, Treasurer and Ambrose Secrest was the Clerk. It was built by subscription in the north part of what was then Baytown Village at what became the corner of Main and 2nd Avenue. In 1860, the building was moved opposite the cemetery.

In 1862 the Legislature changed the numbering of the district to District 14. In 1875, a division was made and part of the district became Oak Park which retained the #14. South Stillwater became District 15 and erected a new school on land donated by the St. Croix Railroad and Improvement Railway. It was two stories high and 36 x 50 feet. It cost $3,000 with interest at 10%. In 1880, this building was remodeled into a four room building because the town "always had a reputation for a large number of children." This building served children until 1891 when it was found necessary to provide more space and a two-story two-room building was erected on the same site, just north of the other. In December 1893, the larger building was destroyed by fire, and in the following year a six-room building took its place. The two buildings occupied one block and served 359 students in 1899. Students were not admitted until six years old and the course of study was confined to eight grades. The 1894 building burned on September 6, 1917. A new one was built in 1919 on the school's present site, and the little 1880 school was torn down. This new building had eight grades.

On May 11, 1937 the voters of Bayport authorized the Board of Education to proceed with the erection of and to arrange for financing of a new junior high school. On August 24, 1937 the Public Works Administration announced that a grant of $42,075 had been allotted as aid for the project, 45% of the total building cost of $93000. Actual construction started on December 10, 1937. The building was completed on September 1, 1937 and occupied for the first time on September 6. The new addition housed a home economics department, an industrial art department, two classrooms, an auditorium-gymnasium, a stage, an office and other auxiliary rooms. The second floor of the old building was remodeled to accommodate a library, a music room and two classrooms. Students attended this school until high school when they then went by bus to Stillwater Senior High School.

A big change was made in the school system in 1954 when the schools in the Stillwater area consolidated into District 834. Bayport School joined in the consolidation and became an elementary school with students in grade K-6 and a junior high for students grade 7-9.

In 1969, the stage was remodeled into an office area and the offices were moved from their location on the second floor to the stage area. Because of this, the stage could no longer be used as a performance area. In 1980 a cafeteria, office area, and storage room were added as a small addition to the north end of the building.

In December 1993 a meeting was held with parents, staff and community members to discuss the future of the school. The general consensus was that people desired to have the school remain on its present site, although it was also felt that the school would benefit from renovation. A District 834 elementary bond referendum in the spring of 1995 was passed which approved improved technology, a fire protection system and an elevator for handicapped accessibility. Cost of these items for Bayport School was $1.5 million dollars. During the following school year, the school was given a $2.2 million dollar gift from a donor advised fund of The St. Paul Foundation. This gift made possible the renovation of the entire school plus the addition of a new media center, office area, enlarged cafeteria/community room, and five new classrooms which were added to the south end of the building. The original stage from the 1937 addition was also "uncovered" and made usable again. The renovated school was dedicated at ceremonies on October 5, 1997 and renamed the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Elementary School.